Focus on sexual harassment

Since January 1, Committees on Employment and Economic Matters (“CES”)
have been required to appoint an officer who is responsible for orienting,
informing and assisting employees in the fight against sexual harassment and
sexist behavior in places of employment (French Labor Code, Art. L. 1153-5-
1). This officer must be appointed in all companies with 11 or more
The officer for matters of “sexual harassment and sexist conduct” is appointed
by the committee members, for the duration of his/her term of office.
Companies with 250 or more employees are doubly concerned, as they must
appoint an officer “tasked with orienting, informing and assisting employees in
combatting sexual harassment and sexist conduct”, according to the law.
BRL Avocats responds to all questions concerning how to appoint this officer
and how to set up a whistleblowing system for sexual harassment.