General terms and conditions of sale


The present general conditions define the terms and conditions for the provision by Brl Avocats to the professional client, of one or more training services. The constituent elements of these training actions are defined in the training catalogue. Registration for Brl Avocats training courses implies acceptance of these general conditions of training.


Registration forms are sent to the client by post or with the training catalogue. Registration requests are made by sending the registration form to Brl Avocats, at least 15 working days before the start date of the training course for which the client wishes to register. All registrations must be accompanied by payment as defined in article 3 hereof. All registration requests will be confirmed by Brl Avocats, by post 8 days before the start date of the training. In the absence of payment, the registration cannot be confirmed by Brl avocats.


The price and terms of payment for each training course are indicated on the registration form for inter-company training or on the signed acceptance of the commercial proposal for intra-company training. Unless otherwise agreed, the price of these training courses does not in any case include travel, catering and accommodation costs incurred by the participants in the training course, as these costs are directly payable by the client and must be paid by the client or reimbursed to Brl Avocats on presentation of any justificatifs (if it is Brl Avocats that has borne these costs on behalf of the client).

For training courses organised on an in-house basis, the catering, accommodation and transport costs of the instructors and trainers delegated by Brl Avocats will be borne by the client and will therefore be invoiced by Brl Avocats.

The client undertakes to scrupulously respect the terms of payment for training courses as specifed in this document. Invoices issued by Brl Avocats are payable upon receipt by the client. In the event of non-payment within 30 days, the client will be liable for a penalty equal to three times the legal interest rate. It is the client’s responsibility, if applicable, to carry out all formalities, requests for reimbursement and coverage, with its finance body.


Any cancellation of registration by the client must be notifed in writing to Brl Avocats.

Any cancellation within 15 days before the start date of the course will result in the payment of a fee equal to 50% of the amount of the course concerned.

Any cancellation by the client less than 8 days before the start of the training course will result in the payment of the full price as a forfeit.

Any training cycle started is due in full. The client alone will bear the consequences of cancellation, such as transport costs.

In any event, Brl Avocats will not pay for the latter in this case. Brl Avocats reserves the right to cancel or postpone the training course by sending a letter or e-mail to the client, at the latest 5 days before the start of the training course in question, in the event of an insufficient number of participants or the occurrence of a case of force majeure.
Brl Avocats shall not be liable for any costs incurred by the client.


The training courses will take place in the premises made available or rented by Brl Avocats. This location will be indicated by Brl Avocats in the registration form and in the confirmation sent to the client. However, Brl Avocats reserves the right to change the location of the course or the speaker, without the client being able to claim any damages and/or penalties. In this case Brl Avocats will notify the client at least 7 days before the start of the course.

The training service includes the provision of training material for the exclusive and personal use of the client.


All intellectual property rights relating to the course materials and other teaching resources made available to the client in the context of the training courses are the exclusive property of Brl Avocats. Consequently, the client undertakes not to use the said materials and other educational resources only within the limits defined herein. The client is prohibited from reproducing, directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, adapting, modifying, translating, representing, marketing or distributing to third parties who are not participants in the training courses, the course materials and other teaching resources, made available to the client in the context of the execution of the training courses, without the prior written consent of Brl Avocats.

Personal data

Brl Avocats undertakes to comply with the regulations applicable to the processing of personal data, and in particular law n°78-17 of 6 January 1978. The personal data collected during the training services are intended for Brl Avocats, which may use them for the purposes of the training services, as well as for commercial prospecting, unless the client objects.


Brl Avocats undertakes to exercise all due diligence in the execution of the training courses followed by the client. Brl Avocats cannot be held responsible for indirect damage, such as loss of business or loss of profit, suffered by the client during or in connection with the execution of the training courses.

In any case, for any other damage, and in the event of Brl Avocats being held liable, the compensation it may be liable for is expressly limited to the price actually paid by the client for the training service.


In the event of a dispute concerning the execution and/or interpretation of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale, only the Courts of Paris shall have jurisdiction, even in the case of summary proceedings and notwithstanding multiple instances or parties or the introduction of third parties.